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    Joana Lazarova              
Joana Lazarova works on communication, editorial projects and business development within the boundaries of architecture and urban design. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, and her writing has appeared in Mark, Wallpaper*, The Architectural Review, and A’A’, among others. 

Joana directs Projectiles, a public relations firm that operates at the intersection of communication and business development. She collaborates closely with architectural practices, designers and cultural institutions, and has successfully guided the communication of complex building projects. In 2022, she served as the International Press Officer for Terra, the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennale, and is a fellow of Domaine du Boisbuchet.

22/001 Kontextur Interview

email: joana@joanalazarova.com
phone: +33 6 09 39 26 39



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